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Testimonials - Sandy Bay Massage and Beauty

Here are some comments from our feedback forms and letters of thanks.


Sandy Bay Massage is the best with a really dynamic team of specialist massage therapists. The business runs seamlessly with courtesy reminder calls for appointments, return calls if you've left a massage, and all endeavours are made to 'find a spot' if you're in need of an extra appointment; and the therapists run to time.

I've been going there for remedial massage for many years to maintain health and well-being; I've also enjoyed hot stone massage, ka huna, and cupping. An excellent feature of the business is that all the therapists listen to the client and tailor their work according to their client's needs. The massage environment is warm, welcoming, friendly, and confidential - a beautiful and relaxing experience. I always leave feeling energised, invigorated, healed; that I've had special and personal time.

I've been recommending Sandy Bay Massage to family, friends and colleagues with absolute confidence for years.

Di Stow

As a measure of my complete faith in the talents of all the therapists at Sandy Bay Massage Centre, based on personal experience and patient feedback, I regularly recommend my patients to make appointments there and assure them "they're all good and they look after you well".

Stuart Davis
Registered Osteopath

I recommend my patients to Sandy Bay Massage Centre because they are have a comprehensive knowledge of muscle and fascial systems as well as the best techniques to manage target areas of the body. Their therapists are constantly at courses keeping current with new massage techniques and they are overall very experienced and sensitive to individual needs.

Personally I trust them with my body and always feel released and relaxed after my session!

Stephanie Sheppard
Owner - Bay Physio

I always look forward to my monthly massage. My therapist never fails to iron out the tension and sore spots that a busy life juggling work and being mum to 3 young boys can bring. After my massage I am ready to go back for another round!

Tracey Hanigan
Speech Pathologist & Mum
South Hobart

I have been having massages at the Sandy Bay Massage Centre for over 5 years now and every experience has been wonderful. When I need to unwind after stressful time at work I love having a hot stone massage... such a treat. I found that after I had the flu nothing seemed to get my body back on track than a massage. I feel very confident no matter which practitioner I have that they are all fully qualified and some even have extra special talents, Emma Smith sensed I was pregnant and that she had to be careful before I even knew!

Calli Crump,
Red Jelly

"I have been using the services at Sandy Bay Massage Centre for many years. When having a wonderful relaxation massage I realised I felt so very relaxed and calmed because of the lovely surroundings and peaceful atmosphere of their clinic combined with the aromatherapy oils - all aimed at further relaxing me as my muscles are released of tension. I have also contacted the clinic when in dire need of help i.e. during a severe migraine headache and also at a time when I suffered with painful sciatica. Each time I have needed help they have accommodated me as quickly as they were able - often going beyond the call of their duty roster to do so. I find their knowledge extraordinary. They have also offered sensible self-care suggestions to help myself at painful times between visits i.e. gentle stretching exercises or relaxation techniques. Being professionals, I have also been referred on to a physiotherapist when they felt it was required. I would say that this clinic has the most professional approach I have encountered. It is truly a wellness clinic in every sense of the word."

Annie Weatherburn
Director of Marketing and International Students
The Hutchins School, Tasmania

I feel with massage therapists you need to 'shop around' a little bit until you find one that really suits you - and I think Sandy Bay Massage Centre is the place to do that 'shopping around' - because you will definitely find the perfect therapist there, and the perfect type of massage to suit you. Apart from remedial massage, I have also tried cupping and Shiatsu, all have been fantastic. As a business, they are organised and respectful, and will do whatever they can to fit you in as soon as possible, even though they are in such high demand. They are close to town, and you can always get a park nearby. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Sandy Bay Massage Centre to anyone."

Melanie Irons,
Owner/Director of Booty
"Booty" is a local personal training business specialising in outdoor/indoor group fitness sessions, running and Pilates

The staff at Sandy Bay Massage Centre have provided me with consistent and quality massages for over the past two years. I see Johanna every fortnight and she is very responsive to me individual needs. She caters each treatment to my training schedule and assists with injury prevention and treatment. I now understand how important regular massage is in the overall maintenance of my body and I can now pencil in a new personal best time for my next marathon and feel confident I have a great support team around me to help achieve my goals. Whether it's 42.2 kilometers or your own personal marathon I highly recommend Johanna and Sandra.

Angela Green
Secondary Sport Coordinator and
Head of Health and Wellbeing
Mount Carmel College

My therapist is highly proficient and she has a welcoming manner that puts me instantly at ease. This allows me to completely relax and unwind as she expertly manipulates tired and sore muscles. I thoroughly enjoy my massage sessions and look forward to my next one with anticipation.

Richard Kemp
Manager Corporate Travel
Andrew Jones travel

"A fortnightly massage at the Sandy Bay Massage Centre is a wonderful relaxing experience......no wait........ hang on....that would definitely be true if I was going to use all their wonderful relaxation and hot stone massages!!!! But I go in fortnightly for remedial massage. Certainly not relaxation but absolutely essential for anyone who either plays a lot of sport or spends a lot of time in front of the computer. As I do both, usually with the grace and co-ordination of an epileptic chicken, I set Johanna McDonald a new challenge every time I visit. Johanna takes this fortnightly set of problems in her stride and sets about fixing them. She is amazingly knowledgeable and strong. She is a good teacher as well and although I thought I left 'homework' many years behind me it's this sort of 'out-of-session' care that means my visits always lead to improvement.

And best of all they ALWAYS remind me the day before with a courtesy call that I have a session booked. One day I'll treat myself and go and do the 'nice' massages too......I promise."

Lyndal Mellefont
Microbiology Lecturer
University of Tasmania

The skilful therapists at the Sandy Bay Massage centre help me to stay active and injury free despite my training regime. No significant injuries in many years. Thanks team!

Maryanne Davis
Recreational Triathlete
Member of Australian Team for World Age Group Championships 2003, 2006, 2008 & 2009

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