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Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage can reduce stress and promotes a greater sense of relaxation, facilitate transitions through emotional support and physical nurturing. It is recommended from 12 weeks right through to labour. Pregnancy massage can reduce oedema (swelling) and blood pressure, relieve pain from varicose veins, relief from sciatica and increase blood and lymph circulation. It relieves stress on weight-bearing joints (ankles, lower back, pelvis), reduces musculoskeletal strain and assists with cramps.

In most cases, pregnancy massage is safe and beneficial for both the mother and baby. We have a special pregnancy mat that allows the woman to lay face down (which is safe for a short period of time), or in a side lying position if that is more comfortable.

If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy according to your Doctor/Midwife, or have any of the conditions below, please provide a written medical release for massage from your prenatal care provider before having your massage.

Diabetes Type 1 or 2
Gestational Diabetes
Placenta Previa
Blood clot/Phlebitis
Abdominal Cramping
Leaking Amniotic Fluid
Cardiac Disorder
Uterine Bleeding

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful treatment and there are so many benefits. Every woman should savour the few moments she can have just to herself before welcoming her baby into the world!

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