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A Haven for Relaxation and Recovery.
About Us - Sandy Bay Massage and Beauty

A centre for massage excellence

About Us

Sandy Bay Massage commenced in February 2006.

The philosophy of our centre is to provide a haven for relaxation and recovery. It's a place where people unwind and relax by having a massage in the most tranquil environment.

Our mission statement:

To provide a comfortable, safe and secure environment in which specialist massage techniques are delivered by qualified professional therapists on an individual needs basis to clients.

We help to rejuvenate, repair and restore the physical and mental health and wellbeing of each client, with the aim of enhancing and uplifting in synergy - body, mind and spirit.

Sandy Bay Massage has links with other alternate health practitioners who are experts in their field. We can recommend and refer you for such treatments as osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and natural therapies as well as counselling or health retreats.


  • We care about our clients before during and after their massage treatment and seek to develop solid client-practitioner relationships.
  • We foster a setting where personal healing, growth and discovery can occur.
  • We strive to give the highest possible level of excellence in both service and professional expertise.
  • We listen to our clients and communicate with them every step of the way.
  • We are passionately committed to natural healing therapies.
  • We operate only within the scope of our professional role and treatment expertise.

Our commitments

  • We will do our best to ensure that you see the therapist of your choice. If this is not possible then we will match you with the therapist whose expertise best meet your needs.
  • We will confirm your appointment the previous day by phone or text message.
  • We will guarantee you a regular and ongoing appointment time if you wish.
  • We will respect your privacy and modesty at all times.
  • We will maintain an accurate and completely confidential record of your treatment.
  • If you come to us via a referral from your doctor or other health practitioner, with your consent, we will communicate to them our findings and treatment.
  • We use only high quality massage oils and essential oils.
  • We observe the highest standards of hygiene.
  • We will give you our undivided attention for the duration of your appointment.
  • If we think it is appropriate, we will recommend other allied health practitioners to you.
  • We will make another appointment for you, if you wish, at the conclusion of your massage.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your treatment please tell us. We investigate all complaints and will endeavour to reach a satisfactory outcome with you.

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